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You can find all of my open source projects here aswell, and links to my twitter, linkedin and my github. On University Assignments you will find links to all of the web development assignments I have done at university so far.

About Me

Welcome to my website. This site is currently still under construction so if you run into any problems please contact me(details on contact page) so I can fix them as soon as possible
I'm Gareth James Jones, a second year Computer Science student at Aberystwyth University, Wales. I'm currently on the degree course BSC Computer Graphics, Vision and Games. This course covers software development basics in the first year, the university focuses on java programming as an access point since it is an easy language to pick up and allows students to work anywhere In the second year I am currently working in Java, C, and C++ on more specialized projects within the curriculum.

Outside of University

So obviously my university degree is a large part of my portfolio, but it's not the only part of me. Outside of my degree I work on projects to develop my programming techniques in areas not yet covered by the course, such as game engines and more complicated algorithms for physics models.
I have had experience with a few different game engines however I am currently working with unreal engine due to the C++ code which it uses, and its large library of graphics models, textures and animations which are easily accessible. Currently I haven't released any of my projects in Unreal engine, but hopefully once my university assignments are finished I will have more of my free time to work with the engine.

So if you have any questions about anything I might not have covered or that you cannot find around the website feel free to contact me using the details providied on the contact page. Thank you

Gareth James Jones

Curriculum Vitae

Gareth James JONES

Department of Computer Science, Aberystwyth University, Aberyswyth, SY23 3DB


I am a computer science student at Aberystwyth University, currently in my second year of study on G451 Graphics, Vision and Games I have experience in programming languages such as C++, python, Java and C#. I also have experience in networks and have set-up small business and home networks.

Key Achievements and Skills

  • Experience in many programming languages, mainly using C++ and java but have also worked with Basic, C#, Python, Perl, Pascal and Ruby. I have done larger projects in C++, java and python, I have also done some group projects using C++.
  • Set up small home and office networks.
  • Can adapt working style to better integrate with an established team.
  • Adapt to new programming languages and Game engines in which I have had little to no experience relatively quickly.


2013-present,Aberystwyth G451 Computer Graphics, Vision And Games (Inc Integrated Industrial And Professional Training) Expected outcome 1st

    2nd year Modules:
  • Program Design, Data Structures and Algorithms
  • The Software Development Lifecycle
  • Image Processing
  • C and Unix Programming
  • Modelling Persistent Data
  • The advanced Mathematics Driving License for Computer Science
  • C++, C and Java Programming Paradigms
  • Client-Side Graphics Programming for the web
  • User Centered Design and Human Computer Interaction

    1st Year Modules 2:1 grade:
  • Introduction To Computer Hardware, Operating Systems and Unix Tools
  • Concepts In Programming
  • Software Development
  • Web Development Tools
  • An Introduction to communications and Telematics
  • The Mathematics driving license for computer Science
  • Astronomy
  • Professional and Personal Development

2009-2013, Rhyn Park Secondary School and Performing Arts College /Yale College (Now Coleg Cambria) A-Level Computer Science, A-Level Physics, A-Level Electronics, As-Level Computer Science, As-Level Physics, As-Level Electronics, 8 GCSEs including ICT OCR Diploma, BCS Pass Double Science Award, Maths. Level 3 Maths, English, ICT key skills.


11/2012 - 08/2013 FJ Priamo ltd, Mostyn
Bar Staff

  • Work in a busy bar, interacting with customers and other staff members. Open up and Close at night. Handle Money during end of night till checks and cleaning.
  • Improved communication skills, time management and ability to multitask.

03/2010 - 04/2010 Connexions, Oswestry
Student Volunteer

  • Communicate with children in difficult positions in life. Set up activities for children of all ages. Work in a team to supervise and support children during activities.
  • Communications skills, Team Work
  • Allowed staff members to have more time to plan acivities and get in contact with parents and schools to provide a better service.


  • Electronics engineering, small projects with raspberry pi and arduino.
  • Programming small games
  • Rugby


Please ask for contact details

Mr Ferdinand Joseph Priamo, Manager FJ Priamo ltd

Dr Thomas Jansen, Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science. Website and contact details availiable on request.

My Projects


A voice command system for use in DirectX games, allowing you to perform key presses via voice commands.

Learn More


A c# runtime written in javascript, for use as a tutorial. Currently a Work in Progress


Scientific Calculator

A scientific calculator used as a demonstration of multiple languages. Multiple versions in C, C++, C#, Java and Python

Learn More

HoG Person Recognition

Person Recognition using HoG and adeboost written in C

Learn More

University Assignments

University assignments from my final year which are applicable for the website will be hosted on
some links on that page may redirect to